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Wageningen Beasts is one of the biggest student strength sports association in The Netherlands, located in Wageningen and part of Wageningen University & Research. 


We offer

Regular Training

Next to bootcamp we also have regular training that is more focused on technique. We will help you get started with deadlift, squat, clean and jerk and much more.  

Social events

Our activity committee organizes every week some sort of social activity like BBQs, movie nights, drinks, progression pictures and much more!

Professional training

We provide special powerlift- and weightlifttraining given by professionals like Pjotr vd Hoek and Ton Leenders.


Next to the opportunity to train individually, you can also  compete against each otherinour competitions, such strongman and GNSK's.


Because you want to do something different sometimes; we occasionally give clinics to our members such as pole-dancing, kickboxing, arm wrestling etc.


Our knowledge committee is founded with the idea of sharing the essential knowledge amongst our members. And we do this scientific based lectures and articles.

Our articles

Provided to you by our knowledge committee where we give you a clear vision of whats really useful and what's not, so you can optimize your workout.

Our Instagram

Our FB page

You can also take a look at our Instagram of course if you want an even better picture of our association 

On this page, we post events open to everyone. Also, important information about us can be found here. When you become a member you will also be added to our special member group. 


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