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Description of the committees 2022-2023


The Activity Committee

This organises all the smaller weekly activities for the members. From social activities such as BBQing and going out to clinics such as pole dancing and kickboxing, the Activity Committee does it all. With having such diverse activities, there is room for creativity.



The RVA (raad van advies) consists of a group of old board members who have to be approved in the GMM. They give advice to the current board about all different topics. Moreover, they are able to help set up new projects. In time of trouble, the RVA is the first place of advice the board will go to for help.

The Monetary Committee

This Committee controls the work of the treasurer during the year. It consists of at least one old treasurer with a maximum of two members, who have to be voted in. Two times per year this committee gathers together with the treasurer to look at the finances of the association. The purpose of the committee is to make sure that the treasurer does their job well and that we are transparent about the flow of money. 


The Knowledge Committee (On hold)

This is the main organ in the association that provides members with information about training, programming and health. The people in this committee give lectures and provide us with articles.The committee is all about gaining and sharing scientific knowledge.

The Communication Committee (On hold)

Members of this committee help the Commissioner Communication with keeping the social media up to date. All the cool, crazy and funny photos on our website and instagram are made by them.

The Bootcamp Committee (On hold)

The Bootcamp Committee organises the bootcamp each Monday. Every week the trainers come up with a variety of exercises which ensure that bootcampers have a fun, but challenging workout. Most trainers enjoy making the participants do burpees ;). The trainers are members that have received training from Tijmen van Oostenbrugge. 


The Big Events committee (On hold, Activity committee is also responsible for big events)

This committee organises all the great events of the association that take some time to plan. They arrange everything for the (Winter) AID and the Introduction Weekend. Participating in this committee gives you the experience of learning how to organise our biggest events and working together in a team.

The Big Events Committee also organises the lustrum weekend. The first lustrum weekend was in 2018-2019, so the next one will be in 2023-2024.


The Competition Committee (On hold)

This Committee keeps members updated on competitions from all different strength disciplines and makes them enthusiastic to participate. They also organise internal and external competitions and the annual Strongman competition.

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